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Hair Straightening

I have experimented and searched for ways to control and style my own curly, frizzy, thick, and unruly hair since I was a teenager.  I mastered my blow drying techniques as time passed. In the old days, the option for permanent hair straightening was limited to “Sodium” cream hair straightening which was very damaging to the hair and scalp.  Later, Thioglycollate-based hair straightening was introduced which is gentler and much kinder to the hair, depending on how experienced the hair stylist is.  


I offer a range of services to help tame, smooth out, control, and permanently straighten curly and frizzy hair. I am passionate about finding the best solutions for curly hair, so I continually educate myself on the latest straightening procedures. I only use products that have proven to be the most effective in creating stunning results, without any adverse health effects. I determine the best straightening system for each individual client upon the initial complimentary consultation.  


I am certified and highly knowledgeable in the following:  

  • Japanese Permanent hair straightening: Yuko and Milbon USA (Liscio).

  • Temporary smoothing systems: Bio Ironic smoothing system, Global Keratin, Brazilian Blowout, Brazilian Keratin, Keratin smoothing system, Paul Brown System, Kera Straight, Kera Green, Keratin Hair Therapy, Hair Go Straight and Coppola Keratin.

I am here to educate and help you and your loved ones with the safest, most effective hair straightening for your hair type.  


Feel free to take advantage of my 30-minute complimentary consultation so I can answer all your questions in person.  



For an appointment or for more information, please call (949)645-5607

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