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Owner | European Celebrity Stylist

Welcome to La Vita Salon & Spa  |  Hair by Mariella

Getting the right hairstyle and hair color can be transformative and can dramatically boost your self-esteem. If you have unmanageable, unruly, frizzy, curly hair that you would like to tame, an outdated hairstyle you’d like to make current, or you just want to look younger, vibrant, and stylish, you are in the right place!


I have over 32 years of experience as a hair artist. I received 2 years of full-time training at the prestigious London College of Fashion in England, where I was awarded the Student of the Year Award upon graduation among 9,000 students. Throughout the years I remained committed to offering my clients the best services possible, so I continued to learn the latest techniques in hairstyling and chemical processing. I have received additional training from highly acclaimed instructors at The Joshua & Daniel Galvin Academy in London, L'Oreal Paris, and Schwartzkopf.


Since I was born with extremely curly, frizzy, and brittle hair, I learned how to control, straighten and smooth out my own hair by pioneering a unique blow-dry technique that ensures maximum shine and body, without the need for hair products that weigh down your hair, or flat-ironing which burns and damages the hair shaft. As a curly-hair specialist, I make sure my clients walk out of the salon with not only hair that looks and feels great, but also the education they need for easy upkeep. 


Above all, it is my love for people and fashion that led me to choose a career in hair styling. Having traveled the world, I have had the unique opportunity to immerse myself in numerous cultures, making it very easy for me to connect with others. I have a passion for life and a thirst for knowledge, which means that I always keep up with the latest trends and hairstyles. I also love being creative and setting hair trends for others to follow. My philosophy is to create low-maintenance hairstyles that will grow out in style, without the need for excessive hair products. I offer a free consultation to new clients, without any obligation. I look forward to meeting you in person and creating the perfect cut, color and/or style for you!

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