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Anita Sundaram

Skincare Specialist, Ayurvedic Healing Practioner & World Reknown Yoga Educator

As a highly qualified, licensed aesthetician and educator, Anita believes in the magic of botanicals and essential oils to naturally heal and enhance the skin.

Anita utilizes Ayurveda, a traditional Eastern healing modality which is at the core of her practice and daily life.  She is also a world renowned yoga teacher, who uses her meditative energy to immerse you in deep relaxation during your spa experience.  Anita's Ayurveda Facials rejuvenate your skin, healing your mind, body and soul.


-    Customized Anti-Aging Facial Treatments
-    Professional Vitamin C-Peels 
-    Customized facial for teenage skin
-    Anti Acne and healing facial
-      Extractions    
-      Ayurveda Technique
-      Essential Oil infusion

Note: We use organic and natural skincare products.
Some treatments include healing massage of the arms, shoulders, scalp, lower legs and feet.

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