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Elena Martelli

Elena is a highly qualified licensed aesthetician, specialized in crystal & mineral facials.  She is also a certified Intuitive Reiki Master.   

Elena infuses her healing therapies with crystals and essential oils.  Combined with Eastern healing techniques, Elena uses the power of crystals to promote physical and emotional well-being and detoxification via increased circulation and lymphatic drainage.   Elena's healing techniques help to calm and clear the mind, body and soul, allowing for maximum relaxation, balance and rejuvenation.

As an Intuitive Reiki Master, Elena utilizes this Japanese healing technique for stress reduction and chakra balancing.   Reiki helps to sooth the mind and spirit by removing energy blockages. 

Elena is also known as  The 'Queen of Eyebrow Shaping’, famous for crafting full and beautifully groomed arches that compliment and frame each client’s face and enhance their natural beauty. She also educates her clients on how to maintain the perfect brows at home.

-    Customized Anti-Aging Facial Treatments
-    Professional Vitamin C-Peels 
-    Customized facial for teenage skin
-    Anti Acne and healing facial
-    Extractions
-    Body & Facial Waxing
-    Eyebrow shaping and tinting
-    Natural Body Sugar Scrubbing 
-    Reiki

Note: We use organic and natural skincare products.

Some treatments include healing massage of the arms, shoulders, scalp, lower legs and feet.

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